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Why is handyman of Georgia the best?

Renovation Service Georgia is a full-service design-build firm specializing in the renovation of older homes. Renewal strives to deliver Georgia’s best home renovation experience with inspiring design and excellent craftsmanship that exceeds expectations. It renews homes and lives with concierge service and an on-time, on-budget guarantee and offers a wide variety of remodeling services – from kitchens and master baths, to additions and whole-house renovations.

How does commercial remodeling of Georgia stand apart from all the rest?

Professionals take care of it all. Your designer and builder are on the same team, so communication is streamlined with the goal of getting you back into your home sooner. From designs and finish selections to permits and historic approvals, we make every aspect of your renovation simple, straightforward and beautiful.

Homeowner approved: In an industry with typically low referral rates, Residential Remodeling of Georgia is proud to have achieved a 97% customer recommendation average and a five- star rating on the consumer review site and takes all feedback to heart and strive to improve client experiences every step of the way.

No surprises with the Guaranteed Renovation: Your project breaks ground with a guaranteed fixed price and completion date backed by our pledge. The detailed construction agreement covers every aspect of your project, so you don’t need to worry about hidden fees or unrealistic allowances.

Communication: Open, honest communication is the key to a successful partnership. Working with team of Handyman Georgia you will benefit from photo realistic drawings to visualize your space and consistent site supervision throughout construction. The team listens closely to your lifestyle wants and needs and works diligently to provide creative and smart solutions.

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