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You know it’s a mess up there but you don’t want to look. Your roof is covered with dust and dirt from the dry summer months; moss is growing in cracks and crevices along the shingle lines; leaves and debris are clogging up the gutters. Now, rain is coming and water is starting to pool up in the trouble spots. But who has time to crawl up on the roof and tend to all those issues, let alone do it safely and reliably?

Regular maintenance with the professionals of handyman, Georgia is a key to keeping your roof in good shape, whether that roof was just replaced or already has a few years on it. Experts say your roof should be cleaned every 3 years — sooner if you live in a shady or damp location.

Homeowners should also know that in the event of a leak, their insurance claim for reimbursement of damages can be denied if renovation service of Georgia finds that the owner failed to perform proper maintenance on the roof. Improper or nonexistent maintenance also gives roofing manufacturers a reason to void a product warranty claim.

In addition to complete roof replacements, roofing service of Georgiaoffers a Roof Maintenance Program that includes:

ROOF INSPECTION: to identify and repair trouble spots.

GUTTER CLEANING: to remove debris and seal seams that might be failing.

ROOF CLEANING: without using harsh chemicals or high-pressure rinsing systems.

MOSS DETERRENT: that is safe for nearby plants while keeping moss from re growing.

“Just like changing the oil in your car or maintaining your furnace, roof maintenance is an essential part of home ownership” say the staffs of handyman service of Georgia. “Maintaining your roof can extend its life by 5, 10, or even 15 years.” And extend the life of your roof with Roof Maintenance service of Georgia.

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