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How to be prepared for hurricane season?

Meteorologists predict that Georgia’s hurricane season can last up to six months. From June 1 to November 30, it’s important that you remain prepared for extreme weather. At commercial remodeling service of Georgiatrained professionals provide disaster repair services in Georgia and hope these tips about being prepared and staying safe prove helpful.

Emergency Disaster Kit

Having an emergency kit in place will allow you to ride out the storm and its aftermath. Be prepared, and have these items in place in advance. When a storm hits, you may be cut off from supplies. The kit should include: three days of drinking water based on one gallon per person, three-day supply of non-perishable food, complete first aid kit including prescription medications, battery-operated radio and cell phone, flashlights and battery-operated lanterns, whistle or horn to signal for assistance, shelter-building supplies such as plastic sheets, duct tape, etc. and tool set and u may contact the home remodeling service of Georgia.

Weathering the Storm

Anytime an extreme weather event strikes your area, it’s imperative that you take safety precautions to avoid injury and property damage. Here are some things to keep in mind that are not always common sense.

Go inside as the storm approaches. Flying debris can cause injury.

Stay clear of windows and skylights during the storm.

During extreme weather, remain in a safe space such as a bathroom or basement.

Do not use electrical appliances during a storm. Wiring may become damaged and result in a fire.

Homeowners in flood zones should turn off their main electrical circuit breaker.

Do not use the shower or bathe during a storm. Lightning strikes are common.

Many hurricanes have an eye. When that passes over, it can make you think the storm has stopped. Get a credible weather report before resuming normal activities.

House renovation service of Georgia is committed to helping the people of Georgia repair and rebuild properties. If you need disaster repair services in Georgia, contact today.

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