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Bathroom remodeling -WHY????

The average person visits the bathroom about 6-8 times a day, making it an average of 2,500 times a year. If we factor in how much the average person spends in the shower or bath, taking into account here that we live in a hyper clean society, we have to tack on a couple more years. At least, and then think about everything else you do in there, from bathing your kids to getting ready for a night out. That’s a lot of time in that small space we call the bathroom. It’s no wonder then, that remodeling trends for bathrooms have been doing flips and turns faster than the water going down in your toilet. Here are some things that are changing and that you too, with a bit of planning, can change in your own bathroom.

Bigger bathrooms: Bathrooms are getting bigger and bigger. People are knocking down walls to give themselves more room in the space, making it a veritable room instead of the traditional closet like space that we have gotten used to entering sideways and exiting as quickly as possible. People in older homes are knocking down walls to make room while those building new houses plan ahead for a larger bathroom space consulting home remodeling service of Georgia.

Fancier appliances: More room lets you explore the space more. People have been making the best of the larger areas and there has been a surge in high end appliances. Not only is there more room for them, but the appliances are getting affordable, accessible, and people are starting to view them as an essential part of the bathroom rather than as a luxury. This includes steam and jet showers, whirlpools, Jacuzzis, bathroom furniture and cabinetry, to name a few offered by the renovation service of Georgia.

Less limiting designs: The options open to someone remodeling their bathroom are limitless. Part of this comes from the new found perception that bathrooms can be aesthetically and stylistically interesting places and people’s newfound willingness to make them so. But new materials, like specially treated, water resistant hardwood flooring, paint, lighting options, furniture, cabinetry and hardware appropriate for the bathroom and specially designed for it have made their way onto the market. Additionally, vanity designs span the entire spectrum from antique designs to the ultra contemporary. New flooring options from residential remodeling service of Georgia can also transform the space completely. The addition of color and mixing of materials in the bathroom are both on the rise as well.

Easy does it: Bathroom remodeling is easier than ever. There are tools on the internet that let you roughly design your new space and go from there, establishing a more detailed palette. There is also a plethora of remodeling companies that offer free estimates in your home to help you plan and visualize the renovation you want to accomplish and help you figure out the most efficient and effective way to transform the space.

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